A Dynasty. Really?

So the remaining Jackson brothers have a reality show coming on soon.

"The Jackson 5. A Dynasty."


Dynasty seems a bit strong, doesn't it?

I mean, when I think dynasty, I think Mao's Dynasty.

The Kennedys.

Maybe the 1991-1993 Chicago Bull's Basketball team.

But if we are going to call the Jacksons a Dynasty, I've got some issue.

So, the Jackson 5.

Good band.

One stand out member.


He becomes a star, a legend perhaps {NOT a Hero}.

His sister Janet, also incredibly talented, power player in the music biz, big star, for sure.

So, if all it takes is TWO siblings "making it" to warrant the title of "Dynasty", then we have quite a few more among us:

If the Jackson's are a dynasty, then the Osmonds are most certainly a Dynasty.

And, I'd say the Baldwin's beat the Jackson's for famous siblings.

Hello, the Jonas Brothers, of course.

Mary Kate and Ashely qualify.

So do Candice and Kirk Cameron.


Oh, and what about the Lennon Sisters?

Or, Frank and Sylvester Stallone?

Oh, and then we have Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

And, Paris and Nikki Hilton.

Owen and Luke Wilson.

Um, hello, Brandy and Ray Jay are totally a dynasty.

Emilio Estavez and Charlie Sheen.

The Phoenix Family boasts the talents of River, Joaquin and Summer.

The Arquettes, no question.

I'm sure I could go on and on.

I have to say, it really bothers me that members of the Jackson Family have decided to use the attention brought on by the untimely death of their brother to increase their own fame.

I am not interested in the goings-on of anyone who names their son, "Jermajesty."




Vodka Logic said…
I SO agree with you. It is really sad and pitiful that they use their brother that way.

The band Heart is two sisters. Oasis has two brothers [well had] in it......
Anonymous said…
I suspect it's the father (who appears to have narcissistic personality disorder) just pushing the family to get more money, and the rest of the family goes along because, well, it's Dad, and this is what he's always done, and this is what the family knows, and....

You have a great point...there are a lot better/more qualified/more relevant families than the Jacksons. However, given the state of our television choices--and that particular family--this doesn't surprise me in the least. Besides, TV land needs just lost their last messed-up family show (Jon and Kate)...hopefully this one won't involve too many kids.
Tiffany said…
Heart! How could I forget them- I love Ann and Nancy.

And, Michele, I agree, please leave the kids out of it!
Unknown said…
Oh thank you!

Thought it would be bad taste to mention how the whole Jackson family just had to show the love...only when he dropped dead. Classy.
Stephanie Faris said…
What annoys me about it all is the way the "remaining" Jackson family seem to have capitalized on Michael's death. He was nothing but an end to a means for them. They used him in the 80s to further their own careers (and most failed) and now they're doing it again. Pathetic.
Jenn said…
I love that you would call Hanson a Dynasty, but I guess they meet thte criteria! I think it is suspicious that a fmaily that eschewed the media for so long are now opening themselves up for all to see. It definitely makes them seem like they are taking advantage of Michael's death.
And, no. I do not want to watch anyone who names their son Jermajesty.
Unknown said…
LOL...I totally and completelly agree...The Jacksons think a little to highly of themselves...REally...and that last part, about the name...Ugh, you have GOT to be kidding...geez.
Anonymous said…
I am so glad I was not the only one who was a little bit curious and watched this show. I just had to see what all the hype was about.

However, I agree with one of the music producers when he said "It wasn't the Jackson 4, it was the Jackson 5 and Michael was a big part of that." He is what drew people in... I don't think I would want to see the Jackson 4 and think that this is the original. I am not even sure I would want to see the Jackson 5. That time has passed. They are just trying to stay relivent in the death of their most famous family member. Very sad.

And I agree, Dynasty is a strong word. And Jermajesty is just wrong. Very, very wrong!
Angelia said…
I had not heard of this show. I am very grateful not to have cable right now.
I agree with you, that is taking it a bit too far, and cashing in on your brother's fame.

Very sad!
Jen said…
This is just sad. So so sad. What were these people thinking?
CM said…
I think the whole thing is just so sad. That family needed help a long time ago. And yes, I think they probably are capitalizing on Michael's fame one last time.

Stopped over from SITS :-)
Mom's Place said…
Didn't know they were doing anything like this! I agree with you though. They are definitely NOT a dynasty!
Young Wife said…
You nailed it. When I saw the preview all I could think was, "Wow, way to profit from your brother's death."
Chelle said…
I had left the tv on when their show came on and was speechless that they made a show on them. I completely agree with what you said about them. They are just riding on MJ's coattails trying to turn a profit.
Andi said…
I totally agree! I think they are sadly (and sickly) just trying to make money off their brother's death, riding out the wave for as long as possible.
S Club Mama said…
exactly. I was annoyed when I saw the commercials. I'm glad I don't have the channel to flip past while this plays on. And it's sad how much they have all commercialized on Michael's death. He didn't deserve that.
Unknown said…
I thought the very same thing when I saw the previews. The only kind of attention they got was for drug problems and divorces. Michael dies and suddenly they are superstars extrodinaire. NOT.. I thi8nk how pitiful and sad now that he is gone and cannot support ya'll you finally have to get off your duffs and WORK as hard as he did to make it..
Anonymous said…
What about the Demi Moore/Bruce Willis clan. I know Scout is in movies and stuff. And so is her step brother Ashton. And Talulah I thought did something. Does that qualify?
Yes, my mouth dropped open when I saw the previews! I think it's terrible.
injaynesworld said…
When I think of Dynasty I picture John Forsythe and Linda Evans. I always wanted to be a member of that family.

As for the Jackson brothers, such pathetic parasites...
Unknown said…
I think they need a new way to make money!
Yeah, I really don't get why Brandy and Ray Jay aren't doing a special too. They could maybe get together with the Jackson's and do something nice? I'm sure people would enjoy their combined talent.
Swirl Girl said…
I am so over the whole Jackson clan. The way people deitize (sp?) Michael since his death when not too long ago he was an pariah. A truly tortured soul(?) full of self loathing - who did everything he could to change even his appearance. Their whole clan is whacked in the head.

What's worse is that people may actually watch this show, justifying it's existence in the first place.
CaraBee said…
The Jacksons are one hot mess. Every last one of them. I weep for the children. There is practically no hope that those kids will be able to find any semblance of normality in their lives.

And dynasty? Puh-lease.
I couldn't agree more. Stopping by from SITS :)
Anonymous said…
oh Latoya really rounds out the dynasty! She is the most mesmerizing Jackson to me!

I thought that Jermaine was sooo....hmm..whats the word...hungry for stardom? I dont know. Sad.
Yes, it is definitely pathetic. What's the saddest is that I saw very little genuine grief over the loss of their brother and son, even on the day of his death, when they typically should have been shocked and grief-stricken.

I think Michael Jackson was a tragic figure in so many ways. I think eventually the truth will come out. I believe he didn't develop normally and that was at the root of his problems, which kind of explains a lot, but he should never have been given such access to young boys. That is tragic in itself.
Lora said…

I nearly puke when I see the preview commercial.
Jacksons - no.
Cusacks -- yes!

stopping by from SITS! :)
Unknown said…
WELL SAID SISTA! Michael & Janet were/are amazing artists. The end. No dynasty about it. And when you say Dynasty? I think Joan Collins, nighttime soap opera's.
SISTA, I agree Dynasty was a night time soap opera-a made for TV DRAMA, so maybe the Jacksons do qualify after all.
Lula! said…
Why are you a genius? I mean, other than loving me and being my friend?

THIS SHIZ IS GOLD, girl. My new favorite post from you.

We're gonna be famous one day. Yes we are. Now I just gotta catch up to your level...
Remodelaholic said…
It remidns me of movie sequels that never end... NO I do not want to see Legally Blond 5 thank you!
Rebecca said…
Totally agree - and I will not be wasting any braincells on this show.
The Park Wife said…
I was giggling until I got to Hansen and then started rolling laughing.

What has this world come to when not only are our lives inundated with celebrity and they are considered "role models" but that the Jackson 5 and the majority of your list are even considered a dynasty or are even considered for that matter. Good Grief!
The Park Wife
Unknown said…
REDGRAVES!!! I've got a thing for those classy ladies!
Ha -- Hanson.

It's interesting how they just come right out of the woodwork *after* he is dead.

Just Like June said…
I saw the preview for this and almost threw up a little. It's so inappropriate. Then again, that's how they've kind of always been. I feel for Michael. It seems like he's been the money-maker for the family since he was a little boy. What hell that must have been for him. What a sick and twisted family (minus Janet. She strikes me as being genuinely upset).
I'm SO with you on this one.:)
Nocona said…
I agree and it seems a little quick after Michaels death to be having a reality show hit the air. Shouldn't they all be still a little broken up about this sudden death instead of making money on it?
Meg said…
Love this! And I had no idea that Candace Cameron and Kirk Cameron were related!
Jermajesty? Really? My celeb knowledge must be slipping because I totally did not know that.

Oh, and you forgot one.

Tiffany + Heather...aren't they a dynasty? Or maybe it is just Chic Chick Media...I'm not sure.

Either way, if we are counting Brandy and Ray Jay, then y'all definitely qualify.

I received the best Christmas card in the mail earlier this week. Such FUN! It had the cutest (and most bad-ass boy) on it.

Thank you.
Live.Love.Eat said…
Brandy and Ray Jay. Don't know 'em. But I'm with you, dynasty doesn't quite fit. It was sad Michael died but no sadder than when anyone dies an untimely death.
LORI said…
Anonymous said…
O-M-G you forgot to mention CHUCK NORRIS.

Chuck Norris doesn't need any added family members to be inculded into a dynasty.

HE IS his OWN dynasty!

....Although he could team up with Steven Segal and David HasslehofF.

That would be an EMPIRE!
Amen! And here's to the Astin brothers Sean and Mackenzie...and hey don't forget the Pointer Sisters...wait are they really sisters????
Anonymous said…
I think you make an excellent point. However, a dynasty shows the ability to pass that success down from one generation to the next. The Barrymore's are a dynasty. Though you may not like them, the Bushs are a dynasty comparable to the Kennedy's. Paul Dean is building a cooking dynasty with those handsome sons of her. I cannot really think of a singing dynasty, a family that has passed down success measurable to that of their parent - maybe Mozart was the second son of a dynasty but he didn't continue it.

I just want to thank you for that prompt. I had a great time thinking this through! It's amazing that I could hold a thought that long!

I just wanted to also thank you for all you and Heather do providing this wonderful forum! It's a blessing!

Happy New Year!
Ummmmmmmm yeah. I could live without this one. But...Mary Kate and Ashley...most def a dynasty! Ah ha ha
What an excellent point. Being famous brings it trials and tribulations and calling oneself a dynasty is only going to highlight these in their family.
Lori said…
It seems like his death has made them all a little fame hungry. It's pretty sad.

I couldn't imagine losing one of my siblings and I sure wouldn't use it to make money.

But I think they are a screwed up family anyway....
kanishk said…
the rest of the family goes along because, well, it's Dad, and this is what he's always done, and this is what the family knows, and....

Work from home India
Seizing My Day said…
hm... count not have pointed that out better myself~ thanks for the laugh ~ I had not heard!
??? said…
Jermajesty - really? Argh. And any TV show that gives screentime to the dad creeps me out.
I would prefer seeing that feature on Thomas Mann and his family again or something about the family of Richard Wagner (that is one really messed up family, too), but even they are not what I would call a dynasty.
Ok so this post made me do that snort-laugh thing. 'Jermajesty' indeed. Their desperation leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Having said that I've got some love for Jermaine after watching him on Celebrity Big Brother UK. While all others were losing it, he was like some cool cat wax figurine Buddha with a nose job (and possibly a tummy tuck). You couldn't help but be drawn in.
Anonymous said…
So Michael did crown himself the "King of Pop." They all have delusions of grandeur.

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