Fishful Thinking Friday: Overview.

So the name "Fishful Thinking" may you leave you wondering "What the heck?".

"Guide to Secret Fishing Spots"?

"Guide to Best Sushi Restaurants"?

How about "Guide to Raising Optimistic, Resilient and Empowered kids"?


The last one.

Pepperidge Farm has joined forces with Dr. Karen Reivich to develop an initiative that promotes parenting for possibilities called Fishful Thinking.

As you know from yesterday's post, I spent this past weekend with Dr. Reivich and 9 other moms who make up the "Fishful Thinking" Faculty.

Dr. Reivich is the real deal.

Not only is she the co-author of "The Optimistic Child" and "The Resilience Factor" and heads up cutting edge research studying the benefits of optimism and postive thinking- She is also a mom.

A mom to FOUR kids.

I am always a bit wary "self-help" programs and to be honest, there are only a handful of parenting books I've read that aren't totally confusing or unrealistic....

I need hands on techniques for real world situations. My staff are in their 20s, they need specific technuques, not academic theories containing words that require a PhD to dissect. FT provides just that... ideas, suggestions and activities that really work.

I also believe that there are all kinds of parenting styles that work. Many of you with multiple children know that many times, you have a different style for each of your different children!

In my view {in the past 15 years I have worked with 1,000s of kids}, Fishful Thinking's approach to Optimism, Emotional Awareness, Goal Setting/Hope, Resilience and Empowerment can be used successfully with all types of kids.

As a summer camp director {and mom}, I consider it my responsibility to stay current with the latest in child development ideas- some grounded in true research, others, passing fads. I have access to and attend conferences for many different schools of thought concerning kids. Very few have come close to being as well researched, presented and executed as Fishful Thinking.

One of the greatest things I took away from the symposium was that my son needs to be sure of what his strengths are.

My job, as his mom, is to set up situations and tasks that highlight his strengths. {This is a big for me, as my son's strengths are totally different than my own.}

Ultimately, I want my son to believe that things are possible.

That if something doesn't work, instead of quitting, he looks for a new approach.

A new solution.

Fishful Thinking helps parents to help kids do just that- and so much more.

I don't want to overload you in one post, but I have so much more to say.

I have already begun working Dr. Reivich's strategies and techniques into our camp staff training.

As a family, we have started using them at home.

Armed with this information, parents, teachers, coaches, etc can absolutely make a difference.

And, a wonderful piece on Emotional Awarenes.

As always, I would love your feedback.

Next Friday, I will post about Optimism and offer a link up. I would love to have you write a post about optimism {anything about optimism, doesn't have to be related in FT} and link it back.

I think I will do a little mention on SITS too, so those in the link up can get some extra traffic!

Of course, there will be some kind of contest/giveaway involved....


Sera said…
I'm excited to hear more. This sounds really great. And it'll be fun to read a bunch of posts about optimism, too.
Cheryl Lage said…
It's so clear that you left the symposium (as I did!) feeling empowered, energized and ready to implement! Think I began using some of Dr. Reivich's wisdom in the car on the way home from the airport with my kids!

Love what you extracted here, and am so looking forward to all sharing our collective experience...and hearing others' experience with the logical and loving methods! (Is it too weird to be missing you after only a week? ;) )

Great post---looking forward to -- and participating in -- your Fishful Thinking Fridays!
Tabitha Blue said…
This sounds great! It really seems like something every parent should check out. Ahem... meaning ME!! Thanks for the tips!!

The two pieces you mentioned are great - the whole site is amazing. I love the REAL LIFE aspect and the activities are things anybody can actually DO, rather than just think about. As a former preschool teacher and mom to a 3yo, I am so impressed with this site.
Sarahviz said…
I could have listened to Dr. Reivich for days on end, couldn't you?

I went back to the Trenches feeling completely inspired. It's such a great message.

Fishful Thinking Fridays - fabulous idea! Count me in.
Uh-oh. My son is already 15. I've probably vulcanized him by now...
Amy said…
I have been on this site and I like it. It just shows you show much you can use. Thanks for sharing this site. I still need to book mark it. I know. I have been so busy playing with the Spring Fling stuff. I know.
Anonymous said…
I love this idea...I have always been very encouraging to my kids...but may have missed out on teaching them to be proud of themselves...and trust their feelings...I'll be on board!!
Hi Tiffany
This sounds so interesting. I'm off to check out the links in this post. Thanks for posting this and thanks for visiting my blog.
Cecily R said…
Tiffany, you rock. I've said that before, but you do. Here's to FTF!
Kim said…
I can't wait to hear more. My baby is 17, but my oldest is 26 and will hopefully be giving me some grandkids soon, so this will be useful info.
Hello! I just stumbled on your blog while reading SIS...Love your layout!
Swirl Girl said…
I have to spend some more time on this site...looking forward to some intelligent real world stuff ...
Very interesting. I can't wait to hear more.
i am quite excited about this + i really cannot wait to hear more...
Rachel said…
What a great message for our kiddos. Looking forward to everyone's stories. I will try and dig up something good! :D
Hi Tiffany!

You won my "Heart of Summer" necklace!

If you email me your necklace, I will send it right out to you!

Thanks and congrats!

Brandy said…
It sounds like an awesome program that we can all benefit from.

Optimism on a Friday? I could probably handle that.

Have a great weekend!
Trina said…
Why couldn't this have been around 17 years ago, for my son that could REALLY use it?

I saw something about this the other day and figured it was just another company trying to look like they are doing good things so people will buy their product. Maybe I was wrong.....I know I'm so skeptical.
You know, this is really "clicking" with me. I try always to be a positive person in every situation and I find that it makes a big difference in my life. *Try* being the operative word and it's not always easy to do.

For instance, we just got the news that we have a big plumbing problem - a $6,000 plumbing problem. That's a CAR in my world! Naturally, my first reaction is to want to freak out, but I'm slowly trying to back myself off the ledge and look for a more positive solution. For instance there was the time a mechanic told us we needed a new engine. It turned out to be a $5 thermostat. A dentist told me I had 11 cavities. Another dentist looked and said I only had 4. Maybe with a little positive thinking we'll be able to turn this around, or at least find $6,000 hanging around somewhere. That's the kind of thinking I need to hold onto.

But I'd really like to hear more about this and especially what you are doing with your son. I need to do that with my sons too and I'd love some guidance in that direction. I think you're definitely on the right track.
Rhea said…
The snack that smiles back. hehe
Susie said…
That sounds really great!! We have enough negativity in the world! We need some optimism in our children's lives:-)
*Tanyetta* said…

I'm here by way of Juliet Grossman.

Just wanted to make sure I officially introduce myself so you wouldn't think there was some crazy chick commented on your blog :)

Anonymous said…
Love the give thanks poster idea. And I will start it right away. I have one little boy who is just sooo the glass is half empty. I believe in fishful thinking!
Live.Love.Eat said…
Sounds like you took away a lot of good stuff from your time with Fishful Thinking. I hope I can learn a few new things from all this!
Queenie Jeannie said…
Sounds great!! I look forward to it!
Mom on the Run said…
What great information already. I am a mom of 2 girls always looking for new tips and advice. Can't wait to read more.
Jen said…
this is really great.
Anonymous said…
So, it's a glass half full type of thing right? And how we can teach our kids to view things that way?

Glass half full people are so much more pleasant aren't they?

I'll have to think of something to write about optimism...
Mammatalk said…
This is so way up my ally! I have been attempting to break into the children's publishing world with optimistic themed books. I am all over this one, baby!
Alison said…
I am definitely going to use these techniques with my kids. I didn't learn optimism and resiliency as a kid, and I don't want to pass negative thinking on to them. The activities will help me too!

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