So I went by Angie's blog and she is running a contest... yeah!  Since I can't enter the SITS giveaways, I am hoping I have some stored up luck to win this:

GO ENTER!  Well, unless you want ME to win... then go enter and pledge to give me the jewels if you win.  Sound good?  


I hope you deserve a little bloggy giveaway lovin' after all the SITS giveaways you've done! Fingers crossed!
Jen said…
You are right. It is an awesome contest. Good Luck to you.
Rhea said…
I saw this giveaway almost first thing this morning, and I fell in love. There is some seriously gorgeous jewelry on that site.
Ann Harrison said…
I hope you have enough luck saved up too.
This is such a unique, beautiful piece.
(When you win, take pictures! I want to see how it looks.)
Lula! said…
Your cleavage needs this necklace.

Yeah, I said that. You love me for it, too.
S Club Mama said…
Ok Lula is just hilarious!

And I hope you win, too. And if I win, you win!
Kori said…
Hey Tiffany!

I so love this necklace and I hope you win sense you are definitely on a winning streak.

Guess you better email me your address.


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