Go Ahead. Ask Me.

So, I want to open the floor to questions.  Go ahead.  Ask.  

I will answer on Monday.  

Oh.  On Monday... the comment lovin' begins.  That's right ladies.  Get ready.


Do you make up reasons to go see your hot OB/GYN?
Ann Harrison said…
So how is your new book club going?

Also, after finishing the "Twilight" series, do you feel a sense of mourning? (I've finished series' that I loved and it was hard for me to let my "imaginary friends" go sometimes. I just picked up the first book and started all over again!)
Insane Mama said…
I have one, no I have 12, but I'll keep it to one.

If you, as a teenager, heard your parents having 'adult time' would you knock on the door and hush them?

So, pmac is almost over?
Tinabean said…
What would you say is your greatest accomplishment besides the obvious kids & husband?
Swirl Girl said…
If you could be reincarnated as an animal, what kind would you be and why?

...man, I have no idea why I asked that! but, what the heck.
Unknown said…
So what do you think of the hair style on the front of the L'Oreal Feria, Colour # 41 (Crushed Garnet), permanant hair colour box??
Jennifer P. said…
I want to know if any of the celebrities whose children you entertain have ever made a pass at you? Or maybe been really rude? I know there's no way you can name names-----but you really should :)
What's the single most annoying thing to you that some bloggers do?
Okay, I have a serious one, after some thought...

How do you balance home life, your work, and keeping up the blogs? Do you get up early? Go to bed late? How do you keep up? Because I just don't seem to have enough time!
Jayne said…
What do you enjoy doing most as a family?
S Club Mama said…
Why do you call your husband "Candy Man?" Weird obsession with candy? Your love life with him is better than candy?

How did you meet Heather?

What is your favorite outfit?

Tell us your oldest memory (as far back as you can remember).
Anonymous said…
What is your favorite meal?
Heather said…
Where did you get the idea for SITS? How long ago did you come up with it? Did you ever think it would attract so many people? Or did you think it would attract more?

(Sorry, that's a lot of questions)
Anonymous said…
What was your career pre-motherhood?
Kori said…
Oh geez questions? I am so not good at this.

What is your favortie color?

favorite band?

Favorite food/ desert?

ok that's all I got.
sassy stephanie said…
Why do yellow and blue make green?

Were you one of the drunk girls in Heather's book purchasing story?

How do I get my newly three year old to stop peeing in his pants?
Sydney said…
How do you guys keep getting all the fantastic items to giveaway on SITS?

What's your next bookclub read?
Unknown said…
What is your most useless bit of trivia!
Lula! said…
If you could put anyone in prison, who would you lock up?
Vicki said…
What's a dream/wish/desire you've had that remains unfulfilled?
Rhea said…
Without naming names, what unbelievable stuff have you had to put up with from wealthy and/or famous campers' parents?

What color are your toes?

If Aliens landed in your backyard and wanted to take you to their home planet for a week, who and what would you take with you (if you went)?
mama said…
What age of raising kids has been the most difficult for you?

What do you miss most about your life before kids and marriage?

Are you still friends with the girls you were friends with in high school?

What's your greatest passion?

What other hobbies do you partake in?

How many men read your blog?

Why did you take the anonymous option off of your comments?

What is something Candy Man can do that is sure to irritate you?
Party of 5 said…
How fun I love when someone answers questions about themselves. I don't have one but I can't wait to see Monday's blog. I know I'm lame but I am sure all teh good questions have already been asked. :-)
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I can't think of a question right now either....look like you'll be busy though judging from everyone else's....

Oh oh oh...are you a real person? (sorry, just read your previous post)HAHAHAHA
I need to do this! I'll "borrow" it at somepoint. And I'll even return it when I am done :-)

Now that you are done with the Twilight saga (well, except for Midnight Sun)...what is your new source of crack? How many books do you read a month? Do you read others beyond what your book club suggests?
CaraBee said…
Do you have a celebrity boyfriend?
Sherri said…
What is your blogging pet peeve?
Heather said…
What's your favorite sushi roll?

Tell us how a plastic shopping bag saved the day?

Why does CM have a bow on his head? (this one courtesy of SB)

Why are my questions so cryptic???
Connie said…
I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.
— Anna Freud

When did you realize it was there?
S Club Mama said…
I really just want to thank you SO much for your comment; it meant so much to me for you to say that. I always hope that I show my faith and the light of God in my posts. Thank you!
Laurie said…
How did secret in the sauce begin? Do you enjoy being a part of it.

Is there anything about parenthood that you did not expect? Is it different from what you thought it would be?

What do you worry about if anything?
What's your favorite question out of this list?
Whats your favorite bad word? (you can use $##$% and the first letter :D)
Who are your top 5 "if you could do-um"s?
Emily said…
What is your favorite hot beverage? :)
Debbie said…
Hmmm, let me see, does your husband read your blog? If he does, here is a shout out to CM...HI CM! To this day, I still laugh about your post tellin how he pulled out the Purell on his "Cops" debut...still gets me every time.
Caroline said…
I did this a while back and got some great questions. Here's mine:

**If you could be a celebrity chef (that already exists), who would you be and why?

**Would you throw up after eating five tacos?

**What is one good memory from your childhood that stands out?

Okay, you've got your work cut out for you so I'll leave it at that! Look forward to reading your answers.
John Deere Mom said…
What do you want to be when you grow up?

How often do you and Candy Man go out without the Boy?

If you could meet any blogger, who would it be?

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Anonymous said…
What is your favorite book of all time?

If you could reconnect with someone from your past, who would it be and why?

Do you have a makeup product that you love/can't live without?
Amy said…
I don't know if anyone has asked this but did you have a favorite book in the Twilight series?
Jennifer P. said…
Answer! answer! answer! :)

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