Whose That Girl?

So, last week "Candy Man" and I went out with some of our hip, twenty-something friends.

Walking to a Sushi bar, we passed a little store front that caught Cha'nel's eye... she ran in and came out with these...

To answer your two questions.. Yes, those are "beer goggles" and Yes, that's me.  If you never visit here again, I totally understand.  I am even scaring myself.

****UPDATE:  I was just showing The Boy the pictures posted above. His eye caught this and he said, "Hey, who put those cupcakes on your head?"******


Anonymous said…
oh girl!!!! you can stop blogging now because there's nowhere to go but down from here. LOL!!!!!
Jennifer P. said…
Beer goggles. One step up from rose colored glasses, right?! And where else you gonna post insane self portraits if not on your blog :)?!
Heather said…
Where to begin....

The fact that this picture is sideways?
That you have beer goggles on?
That you're doing the "call me" gesture with both hands? Or is that the hang ten sign?

That your shirt is SO STINKING ADORABLE????

Frankly, none of this shocks me at all. I'm just soooooo sad that I wasn't there. No one will wear beer goggles and eat sushi here with me. Well, actually the beer goggle comment isn't true. I have a whole neighborhood that would, but the sushi comment is very true.
Anonymous said…
WOW! Who is the poor girl in the back just trying to quietly inch away? I think you traumatized her!
Keep it up, only YOU can pull it off.
Heather M
Ginger said…
as the twenty-something friend who took the pic, i feel i must comment... the rule of the night was not looking backwards on our cameras as pictures were taken, so i was so giggly to find this gem on my camera the next day!
scargosun said…
Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE yours and so far we have
1. OCD husbands
2. Crackliture
3. Addiction to blogging and
4. Love for food and wine enough to dedicate and entire post to it

in common. I look forward to reading more!
Debbie said…
Very very very funny!
~Sheila~ said…
Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not a big wine drinker but I'm sure the beer goggles will fit me perfectly. I'm a nut and some of my posts are nutty. If you have a chance to go through them that would be nice.

I will sit and take time to read as many as I can come across.

As for the $100 gift card...very bold, maybe a little bit on the bribery side too...hee hee.
Anonymous said…
Those goggles are really your style, Tiff and Chan'el has wonderful taste.
Love ya,
KatBouska said…
Cupcakes. Hilarious. You look like fun...and perhaps the person who took the picture should have been the one wearing the goggles. Just a thought.
Anonymous said…
Party Girl! Kinda says it all...should've worn them Sunday.
Coach Krista said…
Cupcakes. Well done mom you trained him well. What did you train to say when you come in stumbling??? LOL Lots of fun.

Alison said…
They do kinda look like cupcakes! And you look REALLY excited to be wearing them. ;-)
Candid Carrie said…
My first look saw cupcakes, then cleavage, then cupcakes, the cleavage.

I know my husband would choose cupcakes over cleavage every day. Damn.
Ruby Rideout said…
lol out the boy comment about the cupcakes!! hahaha

you look like a riot!

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