Six More Things About Me.

Scarsogun tagged me!  Six things:

1. If I could sing, I would want to sound like Pink.
2. I am begging my husband for a swimming pool (and I think its working!)
3. I have stopped using my first name on the blog to keep it separate from my business.  So, Mrs. Romero it is.
4. I consider you all friends.  Which is kind of scary and kind of cool.
5. The Secret is in the Sauce.
6. I am totally, completely and utterly blessed.



Lula! said…
Keep begging for that pool. Water aerobics is way better than boot camp.
Alison said…
Oh, you tagged me! I'm getting verklempt. Now let's see if I can remember any of the random things I always think about in the car that would work for this kind of post.
Insane Mama said…
I would be afraid of saying something stupid! Well done Mrs.
Jennifer P. said…
Well, for business purposes I shall call you Mrs. Romero :)! And you are so right---the secret IS in the sauce!
Heather said…
The secret is in the sauce...'tis true.
KatBouska said…
I love this list! We don't have room for a pool, but my husband caved when I begged for air conditioning. Good enough.
KatBouska said…
ps I DID get the gift card today! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So crazy to think that these friends I'm meeting in Blogland are really out there. From my house to yours....crazy!

And FYI I am totally paying it forward...I haven't decided how yet, but I'm gonna document it and blog about it and I can't wait!
Candid Carrie said…
Please don't hate me, but I have a pool.

Oh, yes I do.

It came with the house. Please forgive me.
OMG! The secret IS in the sauce.
~Sheila~ said…
Kathy could definately 'pay it forward' to me. Seeing as how I may have suffered a small mild traumatic episode thinking that Jared was going to come after me and kill my family first.. know...

..just a suggestion.
~Sheila~ said…
you do realize you asked me if the massages were for PUBIC or private....right?

Lol..they were private..
What can I say? "I was young, I needed the money!"
Sunshine said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sunshine said…
Dang it! I'm getting my people mixed up. Did anyone see my cow comment? Hope not, cuz that would be embarrassing! I should probably stop talking about it. It's not bad, it was just for someone else, who does not have an affinity for cows. Reeeeally need to stop talking about the cow now.

But what I meant to say was:
Who has the flipping POOL IN THEIR HOUSE?! So, I totally ran through the sprinkler yesterday! You should totally come over!

And I love that you want to sound like Pink. I want to sound (no look) like Gwen Stefani. We totally rock (in our heads).
Debbie said…
Did I miss something...what is "The Sauce"???? I love when people know and acknowledge how blessed they are. And I think of you all as my friends,too, which scares me sometimes because I have never ever heard any of you speak a word and wouldn't know you if we cut each other off in traffic ;)
Anonymous said…
We love you too :)
Jen Sue Wild said…
Oh my goodness Girl you always crack me up!!!

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