June 8,1992

Carrie posted a story about ditching (or attempting to ditch) school at the end of her senior year.  Go read it, as she is hysterically funny. She reminded me of my senior ditching experience. Ah, memories.

(I am waiting for the pics from Stephenie Meyer signing before posting.. as they will save me 1,000 words each, right)

It was June 8, 1992.  My friend, Jodi and I had been planning the day for months.  We were eating no fat (even taking the cheese off of pizza), working out like maniacs and scheming up our escapades.

As the date arrived, we prepared.  

Outfit: A unitard thing that was a tank on top, biker shorts on the bottom, with a little attached skirt.  It was black with bright flowers and from Contempo, of course.  Worn with black cowboy boots.  And a scrunchy.

Tanning Salon: Check.  I was a beautiful golden brown (I have the wrinkles now to prove it.)

Make Up: Lancome counter make over baby!

Tell parents we are spending the night at each others houses.

The 10 Step Plan: 

1. Actually go to school in the morning for first few periods.  We couldn't miss nurtition, as that's was the social event of the high school day.

2.  Turn in note (maticulasly handcrafted after hours of practice) from my mom excusing me at 11:30.  Jodi didn't need one, she was already 18 (some people have all the luck).

3.  Go take step class at gym.

4.  Lancome counter for makeover.

5.  Final primps to outfit and hair.

6.  Arrive at big senior party.

7.  Everyone oohing and awwwing.  (We looked like first rate streetwalkers.)

8.  Flirt, flip hair and giggle endlessly. 

9.  After the first party, we went to 2 more outside of our "hood" (that's how we rolled).

10.  Spent the night at undisclosed location doing undisclosed things.

I need to leave undisclosed to your imagination, as I was only 17 and a minor.  People could go to jail if I get any more specific.

Wanna play Carrie's game?  Start posting your senior story!


Insane Mama said…
Ahhh Contempo, my favorite place to shop as a teenager... The skirt with cowboy boots, love it!
Candid Carrie said…
Thanks (again) for (yet another) shout out!

I don't know if there is a statute of limitations on illicit use of a minor so all the parties involved won't me sent to prison ... the public wants more information.

I am anxiously awaiting the next post from you. If you wore "cup cake" glasses to a sushi bar, I can only imagine what you wore to a vamp-a-rama!
Dirty White boy said…
Some things are just meant to die out..like...parachute pants, micheal jacksons jacket and sequin glove, the don johnson look, and my senior year.
Dirty White boy said…
and if you wanted permission to read my blog, you just had to ask, im not a blogspot snob.
Heather said…
I'm such a nerd. I never ditched classes. I was too chicken.
Anonymous said…
Holy cow!!!!!

What you did at 17, I was doing at 11. I know, I'm lucky to be alive. I didn't ditch school just snuck, (or is it sneaked?) out of the house and stayed out all night but I rolled in before anyone woke up.

By the time I was a senior I was completely mellow and stayin' out of trouble.

KatBouska said…
Between you and me...jared actually is a blogspot snob.

And I think if i read too many senior stories I'm going to have nightmares about what my kids may or may not do from now until their senior year...I wasn't nearly as exciting.
Tiffany said…
jah air red,heck yeah, invite me, I need to see what the hoopla is all about. vampmama@gmail.com
Soulflower said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Soulflower said…
A Friday night in October 1999 after a football game, pretty sure the loss was something like 0-30. All the cheerleaders and football players are at Valencia's house (supervised by NaNa) and I'm waiting for my football flavor of the season, Darnell. Unbeknownst to me, 3 other girls on my squad (I was the captain), were ALSO waiting for Darnell....yeaaaa

He gets there, we have a heated exchange and pissed off, I go back to the bedroom where half of the party is laying in bed watching Love Jones (talk about an aphrodisiac). The only available space on the bed means laying on my left side with my front to Tyus' back, and so I do. The only place for my hand to go is on Tyus' mid-season six pack, so there it goes. Needless to say, we were 17, what happened that night is okay because I married the guy, and we have come up with an ENTIRELY different story to tell our children of how we came to be.
Lula! said…
June 4, 1993--it not ditching, as this was the day of my graudation, but it's one of my best "senior stories." (Prom was, too--but I've forgotten about most of it. Seriously.) The day was filled with general pomp, under the circumstance, and lots of pictures, family stuff, a big family meal, gifts, etc. The night, however...

Let's just say it involved lots of adult beverages, a hotel room full of illegal substances, and a quick run to the graveyard for (ahem!) a quickie. And that's all I'm gonna say about that because any more info will incriminate me futher.
p.s. Totally had your Contempo outfit. Anyone who graduated in our era and denies having something similar is LYING. Or else they were a total nerd. One of the two.
Lula! said…
p.p.s. Still dying to hear about our close, personal friend, Stephenie. Tell, tell...
Tiffany said…
Lula! A quick run to the graveyard... you hysterical.
We would have definitely been friends in high school.
Marie Reed said…
Your blog is just fabulous! I just hired Shannon because of your wonderful comment on her blog. My blog design does need her!
Jennifer P. said…
Hey! I think I had that exact outfit!!! We couldn't get away from our senior party. They locked us in. But they hired a really bad characature artist that made all the girls cry with his bad renderings of them, and also a karaoke machine to make sure we were truly tortured the entire night. Good times.

I did skip AP government and/ or biology and/or trigonometry on a weekly basis though. My friend and I went to Baskin Robbins and ate Espresso and Cream ice cream. Does that count?!
Jennifer P. said…
Ooooh--and look! You got the man blogger on your site too! Can you introduce me? I am so curious to know what a man blogs about. Probably not tampons!
Amy said…
I remember senior year being full of those notes from "mom". When my daughter was about 6 I found a piece of notepaper with my signature on it. Should I be worried?
Mama Dawg said…
LOL! I have to say, I only skipped twice. Once was just first period due to an incident that happened the night before (never to be discussed) and the other time, I actually had permission from my mom to skip. Kristi and I went to the beach to get tan for prom later that week.

Sigh...I was such a square. Except when it came to certain (ahem) night time activities.

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