Did you Know I am Running a Contest?

The winner gets a $100 AMEX Gift Card... just think, you can buy yourself a tank of gas.  Go check out the details.


scargosun said…
Yes, Yes I did know you were running a contest and you know, I poste for it and all but I think I need to do a little more b/c I just spent FREAKING $70 filling up my car!
Anonymous said…
yup. does this count as another entry? :)
Coach Krista said…
You are so funny. Good way to get folks to your site. I have been busy at work and a project at home. If it wasnt going to rain today and the cleaning lady coming tomorrow I would finish my project the needs the rain(hint) and take some pics. I will be back writing tonight.

Alison said…
You are too funny about the tank of gas (but sadly, it's true). Okay then, I will get to reading your archives and commenting! Good thing I'll enjoy doing it!
Anonymous said…
I love your blog. I think you are a trip. I think the beer goggles are great. I wish they made wine goggles. That is my drink of choice. I think the boys commment about cupcakes on your head was priceless.

Miss you, Katherine

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