Let's start with the cold, hard truth.

I am addicted to blogging.  

I am addicted to comments.  

I am addicted to checking that little map thingy in the bottom corner of the blog.

Since I am unaware of any 12 step program to cure my addiction.. I need to feed it.  I am jonesing for a fix. Seriously.

I am not past bribing you to delurk.  I want to know you people, and more importantly, I want to know what you think about what I post.

Hence, the contest.  Prize: $100 American Express Gift Card.  Every comment made on ANY post from now to May 15th is automatically entered.  So, you can go through the archives and post on them all. 
(Don't worry, I have only been blogging for a few weeks, there aren't that many.)

Only one comment per person per blog entry will be entered (so you can't go to one post and comment 15 times).

The comment must pertain to the post, you must have actually read it.

Any posts left that I deem as inappropriate or offensive will be deleted and not entered in the drawing.

On May 15th, I will draw a name randomly, so make sure to leave your email address if you post anonymously.

Is this shameless?  Yes, but addiction makes you do all kinds of things you're not proud of and right now, I'm okay with that.


Jennifer P. said…
I am totally not even after a gift card (though I wouldn't mind it either :)!) I just wanted to thank you for continuing to leave such sweet and encouraging comments on my blog. And I LOVE your blog design! That Shannon is amazing! I don't want to toot my own horn or anything :)--but i'm the one who talked her into starting the business. She'd only been doing her friends blogs until my blog designer completely flaked out and I begged Shannon (a stranger) to do mine. I think she is so professional and very talented. I think your choice of design says a lot about you! Alrighty--is this comment long enough for ya :)?!

I'll link you as a friend soon.

Have a great weekend!
One- said…
I love comments on my blog too! I haven't been posting enought lately. Just been busy. I am Kim, Shannon's sister. Happy blogging!
Heather said…
Oh. My. Stars. $100 sure would buy me some sassy shoes!!
Anonymous said…
I'm not sweet like jennifer p. I'd really like $100. That would buy me 5 bottles of kick @ss wine at Palomar Winery!!!!
Debbie said…
I'll leave comments on yours if you leave comments on mine;) Oh, and I think you should "randomly" select Jennifer P. She deserves it. You are totally bookmarked...
Anonymous said…
Love the Jane's addiction playing in the background. Very appropriate! Does Twilight have a theme song yet?
Heather M.
Julie H said…
Hmm I might be reading your whole blog today ;o)

Thanks for visiting mine!
KatBouska said…
This. Is. Brilliant.
Coach Krista said…
You are so funny. We left So Cal in 2000 when number 1 was born to Denver and now we are in the hot south. I am totally not a Southern Belle.
Shannon said…
more people need to leave more comments. when I go without comments I get a little blog weary!
Funny, I came on over because you posted on my blog and then I had to read some entries and then I saw you were running a contest....yippee! Count me in
Anonymous said…
What? Huh? I can't beleive it....lovin' the bribe (although I cannot beleive you need to run the're blog is funny and real). Please enter my name...that would be a whole lotta BL fun!!

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