So I was born in So Cal....(in 1975 incase anyone is wondering) and lived in the same house from the age of 2 until I left at 18.  At 19, I decided I wanted to try something new and applied and was accepted to the University of Oklahoma where I was sure I would find myself a nice cowboy and live on a ranch....

I spent one semester there.  

Now my short stay in OK had nothing to do with the place.  It was different, that's for sure (I've never seen so much "chicken-fried" in my life) but I really enjoyed my time there and the people I met...and the OU campus... just beautiful...(don't even get me started on my obsession with old libraries)

I left because of the events of April 19th, 1995... The Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. That kind of sadness that takes over an entire state is something I had  never seen was too much to bear, alone, away from loved ones.  

So I came home and enrolled in the University of Southern California...FIGHT ON!

In late 1996 I met Candy Man at a bar (and they say those things never last) and we were married in 1998 (oh people, the story of my wedding.... remind me to tell when we know one another a bit better...).

In 2000 The Boy was born and in 2003 I was ready to leave LA in search of a slower paced life. Our business allows us to work from anywhere, as long as we come back to LA for the summer.  So, we ended up choosing St. George, UT.  Great place.  Amazing weather, beautiful landscape, nice people... but no family nearby.

In 2006 we moved to Castle Rock, CO where my sister lives.  FUN neighborhood but CRAPPY weather, especially for us Cali wimps.  We lasted there a year.  

Well, now it's 2008 and we are in beautiful Southern California!  Doing things like this:

                        Notice how GREEN and LUSH everything is!

               And this... oh yeah, that pool is heated only by the glorious sun!

And this.... Nothing like a warm night at the ball park, (especially one that serves vanilla Carnation cups.)

So, regardless of fires, floods, earthquakes, gangs and the Govenator, I am a California girl through and through....until 2009 when I am sure I will start to think that North Carolina is calling my name...


Jennifer P. said…
I love Idaho because it's all I've ever known. I've traveled the world, but never stayed anywhere long enough to get to know it. Plus I know my way around here. I would hate to move and have to learn new streets and how fast everyone drives on the freeway. You're a brave girl. I almost married a guy from Westminster, and broke it off simply because he didn't want to leave California. Ah well!
KatBouska said…
You are a moving machine!! How do you do it!?! And may I come over for a swim once that pool is heated!?! Looks like FUN!
~Sheila~ said…
Yeah, you sure do move around alot. I know what that feels like, my dad was in the military so we moved too. After I met my husband, I mostly moved back and forth around Texas. That is where I ended up. Right next to the Gulf of Mexico and the kids love the beach as sandy as it is. I think I will post a story about Angel and I when I get out of work. Thanks for the idea.
scargosun said…
WOW! I could never move around like that but cheers to you for all your experiences.

You are more then welcom to put my 'bog' in your sidebar. When you think about it, a blog is like bog. You can get stuck in them, reading and reading, unable to get out to do actual work. ;) I'll put you in mine too if it's ok.
Anonymous said…
Born in.... California
Raised in.... California
Went to school in.... California
Met my husband in.... California
Got married in.... California
Had my daughter in.... California
Still here!!! I'd be willing to move where it doesn't get too hot or humid or too cold. Is there a place like that other than my temperature controlled car/home/office?
Let me know.
Coach Krista said…
Love SO. Cal. Resided in Laguna Niguel for 3 years miss it greatly. No in the deep south UGH!
Coach Krista said…
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Alison said…
It sounds like despite all the moving around, you are a California girl at heart. I have always lived in Texas, which is fine except that we don't have your gorgeous weather! I have a cousin in San Diego that we NEED to visit to enjoy all the cool stuff there!
Tiffany said…
Lulu, maybe I am following you?

I've always had a bit of Scarlett O'Hara in me.. and don't even get me started on men with southern accents.. Steel Magnolia's is one of my favorite movies... Sweet Home Alabama is one of my all time favorite songs...
Heather said…
You've always been a Cali-girl. I knew it from the first glass of wine we had together.

I can't say I blame you for moving back. It was a hard, hard winter. Five feet of snow for three months straight.

I can't think about it. Five feet of snow and you's all too much.
Debbie said…
Wait wait wait...You went to USC??? My sister-in-law went there as well...I don't know when she graduated, but I think she is a a couple years older than you. Her name is Raeanne Fleeman. Don't you love when people ask you if you know someone on a campus of thousands. People ask me that about Penn State all the time. And strangely enough I have actually known at least one of them! My brother in law and said SIL live in Long Beach and my best friend from college lives in Mission Viejo. I love visiting there, but I am an East Coast gal through and through. Great post!
Anonymous said…
Heather M
Love you Big Lots post...I'll admit, I'm a hater. But you may have convinced me.

Had to comment when you mentioned the library at OU. I was from TX when I visited my friend attending college there. Oh. My. Goodness. I was ready to give up my future as a MILF to be a virgin librarian, spending my lonely days holed up in that beautiful, soulful edifice with the leather tomes as my only companion. But, I dunno, I might have sauced it up in a skirt occasionally on those glass floors.

Thanks for a good read!
Shannon said…
oh in some weird way that post is almost MEAN!!! LOL!'s a sunny northwest day TODAY, but who knows what tomorrow will bring!
oh i'm so jealous of your consistent sunshine!
cricketphx said…
Ok girl, you know I am a west coast girl at heart too, but I gotta tell ya, North Carolina aint half bad! Get your butts out here!!

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